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Online Time Cards/Paycheck Delays and B.S.

I filled out my damned time card last week very early. Getting paid weekly in one of the few perks of my hellish job experience. It allows me to get loaded as necessary as needed. Well, those bastards never sent me my fucking paycheck last week. So, I called and the Temp worker/slut said, "Well, Jenny unfortunately there was a glitch in the system and your check got mailed from Texas probably on Tuesday... so you should get it any day now"... than later in the conversation it was mailed out on "Wednesday"... so now I assume it really was just never mailed and probably ended up being sent out Friday... or possibly Saturday. I'm soooooooooo broke! I know its bad to live paycheck to paycheck. I tapped my savings dry when I went on a music binge. I'll behave this time... I swear! just sent me my paycheck!!! oh, and to compound matters, I tried unsucessfully to fill out my new timecard online (I have to do it this way) and the damned thing wont register. DIE!!! Technology Schmecnology! AUGH!!!! I just want to get DRUNK!!!!!!!!!
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